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A blog about fitness, recipes and home decor.I’ve been thinking a lot about the media, or rather: the way in which the media constrains the way we think about things, and about what we think and do. If you’ve been following my Twitter feed, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been rather critical of the media in recent times, and my reasons are not hard to guess. I believe that the way in which things get reported in the media has a way of being skewed in favour of particular interests (as with the media coverage of the furore over Londinium and Robin Hood Airport), or by a lack of knowledge on the part of the reporters (as with the Wild Turkey Ice Cream “controversy”). If you’re thinking that, in the case of the latter, you’re right, then you’ll probably have been aware of that particular argument and controversy. A few months ago, the “concerns” about the production of a new non-alcoholic product made by Wild Turkey distillery (which would be sold as Ice Cream) were raised. These concerns were raised by a few bloggers (amongst whom I must admit to include myself) who, when given information on the production of the new product, thought that it might be a reason for concern. Two months on, and the media are still reporting on the story, and the general stance of the public seems to be: “If it’s not alcoholic, it must be ok”. While the furore over Robin Hood Airport and Londinium has attracted a fair amount of media attention, the one about Wild Turkey Ice Cream may well be the most baffling to a general public. The thing is, Wild Turkey Ice Cream isn’t alcoholic in any sense of the word. It’s not beer, and it’s not spirits. It’s a dairy product. It’s plain old ice cream. So what’s the problem? Well, I think that’s a good question. But I’m going to answer it the only way I know how. I’m going to answer it by starting with the source of the product: Wild Turkey Distillery. Let’s start with Wild Turkey. Wild Turkey (I’



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Fbi Faces 4.0 Free Download Sabah Achat Okoker X kayyes

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