Hazardous Waste e-Manifest Update

For over a decade, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), individual states, industry and related stakeholders have had a mutual interest in developing a national e-Manifest system. The purpose of this program would be to facilitate the electronic transmission of the uniform manifest form and make the use of the uniform manifest much more cost-effective and convenient for users. On October 5, 2012, the Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest Establishment Act went into law, authorizing the EPA to implement a national electronic manifest system.

Highlights of the Act:

•The “e-Manifest” will be developed and made available to all who manage hazardous waste. The e-Manifest system will create an option for completing, signing and storing hazardous waste manifests electronically.

•The Act authorizes the EPA to collect reasonable user fees for all system related costs including development and maintenance.

•The EPA must establish a System Advisory Board within 3 years after the Act is passed in order to advise the EPA on system performance and user fees.

•The Act requires that the e-Manifest Information Technology (IT) system must be up and running by October 5, 2015

•Requires that the EPA conduct annual Inspector General (IG) audits of the e-Manifest system and submit biennial reports to Congress

•The Act requires that EPA must establish a uniform effective date in all states for e-Manifest, and must implement e-Manifest until States are authorized to do so.

About the System:

The system will include:

•A standardized, secure, system-to-system interface to allow existing industry IT systems to communicate with the centralized e-Manifest system

•A web interface compatible with mobile devices (for industry users that do not have an existing IT solution or do not plan to integrate their existing system)