NJDEP 2015 cRTK Webinar

Baron personnel recently attended a two-hour New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) webinar on the 2015 Community Right to Know (cRTK). This webinar provided an overview of the reporting requirements, examples of hazardous substance inventory threshold determinations, as well as a demonstration of the electronic report system.

Included in the webinar were the changes that have been made to the Environmental Hazardous Substance List for reporting year 2015. Changes are listed below:

A separate listing has been added for ammonia (aqueous concentrations of 20% or greater.) Only the quantities for concentrations of 20% or greater will be reportable. The CAS # will be the same, but a different DOT Number will be used (2672.)

2461 Haz Waste, N.O.S. (only if EHS reported) DOT #9189 has been broken into two:

- 2461 Haz Waste, N.O.S. (only if EHS reported) liquid DOT #3082 and

- 2461 Haz Waste, N.O.S. (only if EHS reported) solid DOT #3077

4204 Nonylphenol N530 - Category added includes only the following substances:

- Isononylphenol 11066-49-2

- 4-Isononylphenol 26543-97-5

- Nonylphenol 25154-52-3

- 4-Nonylphenol 104-40-5

- Nonylphenol, branched 90481-04-2

- 4-Nonylphenol, branched 84852-15-3