Env. Health and Safety Enforcement: Mar-Apr

Baron Environmental Associates likes to keep up-to-date on current

enforcement activities that render the highest penalties within the region we serve:

Alpine Lake RV Resort NY (Willful electrical safety) - $187,000

Anheuser-Busch Sales NJ (Exits, Forklifts) - $150,000

Atlantic States/McWane NJ (CWA) - $148,969

Other Recent EPA Activity in the Area (CT, NJ, NY, PA)

Facility/Program/Amount Assessed

Brenntag Northeast PA (RCRA) - $55,000

Ducommon AeroStructures NY (CWA) - $23,474

G&S CT (TSCA PCBs) - $22,500

CT Oil Recycling CT (RCRA) - $20,000

Boasso America NJ (RCRA) - $17,600