September 2016 ISG Meeting

Baron Environmental Associates (Baron) regularly attends the Quarterly Industrial Stakeholders Group (ISG) meeting hosted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)’s Bureau of Stationary Sources. These meetings seek to update the public regarding regulatory proposals and guidance regarding air quality permitting in New Jersey. The latest meeting was held September 16, 2016. Attendees included personnel from NJDEP Bureau of Stationary Sources, Bureau of Mobile Sources, and Air Compliance & Enforcement, and professionals from New Jersey consulting firms and industries. Below is a description of the most relevant topics from the meeting.

- NJDEP Electronic Submissions

This topic is relevant to all major and non-major facilities that submit reports to the DEP, both electronically and through the mail. These include yearly emission statements and boiler combustion adjustment reports required by NOx RACT.

The DEP is transitioning to solely electronic submission of reports. Last year 80% of all reports were submitted electronically. This year 83% of reports were submitted electronically. Both Baron and the NJDEP highly suggest using electronic submissions if not done already. Electronic submission cuts out the extra time and risk involved in paper mailing of submission, so it provides a benefit to all parties involved.

- Dataminer 2.0 Updates and New Accessibility to Facility Permits

This information is relevant to facilities following DEP regulations or to any individual who wants to access information about DEP-regulated facilities in the state of New Jersey.

Dataminer is a program created in conjunction with the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) to provide more accessibility to data about DEP-regulated facilities in New Jersey. Dataminer makes this data accessible with some new features. It is available through the NJDEP website and is listed as “Dataminer 2.0 (Bet