Quarterly Industrial Stakeholder Group meeting

Baron Environmental Associates recently attended the quarterly Industrial Stakeholders Group (ISG) meeting held by the NJDEP’s Air Quality Permitting Department on Friday, September 1st. The purpose of these meetings is to allow consultants and those in industry to meet with DEP officials to discuss and comment on regulation and rule updates. Below is a brief description of the major talking points from the meeting:

Organizational Update

Within the NJDEP Division of Air Quality (DAQ) there is a new regulatory and policy team that will be headed by Danny Wong. This team will be tasked with assisting those with questions about the interpretation of regulations including State-of-the-Art (SOTA) manuals and other topics.

Many DAQ positions have been newly-filled including Section Chief of the Preconstruction Unit and Bureau Chief. The ISG website will be updated to include a chart of the positions with the new personnel.

Rule Updates

There are several proposals in the works for adoption of new air permitting requirements. These include: