NJDEP Air Program Update – Industrial Stakeholders Group (ISG) Meeting

The NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Air Permitting group held its triannual Industrial Stakeholders Group (ISG) meeting on June 7, 2019 to provide an update to the regulated community on actions the permitting group is working on at this time.

General Permits (GP)/General Operating Permits (GOP)

GOP-002A for Manufacturing and Material Handling Equipment for major facilities is being updated to revise applicability requirements for consistency, now allows multiple emission points, limits the potential to emit per equipment, and now allows cartridge filters and baghouses if the particulate emissions after the control device are below the reporting thresholds. Other control devices are allowed as long as all the emissions before controls are below the reporting thresholds. This permit replaced GOP-002.

Emergency Generator permits GP-005A / GOP-003 and GP-005B /GOP-004 are being revised to reflect the current definition of an emergency generator in regard to construction, repair and maintenance (CRM) activities. They will be available for public comment in July 2019.

GP-009B and GOP-009 for boilers between 10 and 50 MMBTU/hr are in the process of being revised to include smart calculations and limiting the minimum stack height to 20 feet. They will be available for public comment in August 2019.