NJDEP Office of Dispute Resolution

Are you headed to court with the NJDEP or think you might be? Are there any alternatives?

Perhaps - Per the NJDEP website, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has established the Office of Dispute Resolution to provide a forum other than the administrative and trial courts for resolution of disagreements between the regulated community and the DEP.

This forum aims to serve a dual purpose: not only to reduce lengthy legal proceedings that can be costly for all involved, but also to establish more meaningful and effective lines of communication between environmental regulators and the regulated community. Their mission is to ensure fair and efficient management and settlement of disagreements through alternative dispute resolution processes.

The goals of the Office of Dispute Resolution are to:

  • define and clarify issues disputed;

  • facilitate communication between regulated parties and DEP staff;

  • encourage collaborative problem-solving;

  • explore options for resolution to the issues; and

  • promote