NJDEP DPCC/DCR Plans - Changes to the Technical Deficiency Process

Below is language directly from the NJDEP Bureau of Release Prevention on the latest changes to the Discharge Prevention, Containment and Countermeasure (DPCC) and Discharge Cleanup and Removal (DCR) technical deficiency process for plan submissions, renewals, and amendments. This is applicable to facilities regulated by the Discharges of Petroleum and Other Hazardous Substances rules, N.J.A.C. 7:1E (the DPHS rules):

From: DEP Release_Prevention <release_prevention@dep.nj.gov>

Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2020

Subject: DPCC/DCR Plan - Change in Review Process

"Good Morning,

The Bureau of Release Prevention has made a change in the review process for DPCC/DCR Plans, Renewals, and Amendments and is providing this notice to enable a smooth transition for DPHS regulated facilities.

In the past, when the Bureau identified deficiencies in the review of a facility’s plan, plan renewal, or plan amendment, multiple technical letters often have been issued to correct those deficiencies. In many cases, facilities have not addressed the deficiencies, addressed them incorrectly, or introduced new deficiencies in the rev