TRI Reporting Requirements Corrections Rule

In the July 14, 2020 Federal Register, the EPA published the final Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting Requirements Corrections Rule 40 CFR Part 372 which makes corrections to certain regulatory language and errors in the TRI program.

The new rule does not change the regulatory requirements of the TRI Program or the burden to reporting facilities.

Some of the rule updates:

  • Remove chemicals that have been delisted or moved to other listings

  • Corrects inaccurate Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) numbers

  • Corrects chemical category definition errors

  • Remove leading zeros from CAS numbers

  • Corrects lower threshold list errors for chemicals of special concern

The new rule will make it easier to follow the regulations by eliminating errors and inaccuracies and makes absolutely no changes to the reporting process. A link to the rule summary, rule history, and additional resources can be found here: