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Scrum: Swarming and Collaboration

Scrum swarming and collaboration

Baron Environmental uses a Scrum process framework that encourages team members to swarm in response to high priority client needs. Swarming is the Scrum premise that complex or high priority tasks can be accomplished through team collaboration both quickly and efficiently. This framework also allows Baron to utilize its diverse team of EHS experts to provide support in all areas. For this reason, we discourage the typical consulting practice of employing account managers. The more varied the support provided the more benefit our clients see.

Given the nature of the way we operate, the best way to reach Baron as a team is the following:

  1. Send an email copying several Baron team members, providing a brief background on your issue (e.g., DEP or OSHA is going to be here in 20 mins) and indicate you need a response ASAP (or within the hour etc.) – Best Option

  2. Call our office line and leave a message (this will automatically be distributed to team members available for immediate assistance).

This eliminates the possibility of reaching out to a specific team member who may be unavailable.

The transparency of the Scrum process allows Baron to swarm in response to our clients needs. To experience EHS compliance excellence in action, reach out to Baron today.

- - -

Our mission is to build a True EHS Culture across today's most successful companies. Touch base anytime or schedule a call with our team if that resonates with you.

Begin the journey by reading more about our EHS Long Term Support program. See details on our homepage, our dedicated page for EHS Long Term Support, and our FAQs.

We Use Scrum For Your Benefit. ®

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