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The New Way to Tackle EHS Challenges.

Even today's most successful manufacturing companies face challenges meeting all EHS demands. Baron Environmental provides a unique, sustainable, and team-based EHS solution without the necessity for hiring in-house EHS staff.

Hiring EHS staff is cyclical. Likewise, external consultants with dedicated Account Managers create reliances on a single person. Our EHS Long Term Support subscription provides comprehensive subject matter expertise using a team-based approach. 

No hassles. No worries. No surprises.

Key Features

All-Inclusive Subscription


EHS Long Term Support utilizes fixed fee monthly invoicing as opposed to a traditional "time & expenses" model. Services are tailored to your needs, based upon required EHS regulatory reporting, applicable trainings, programs, and permits.

Team-Based Approach


We provide comprehensive subject matter experts using a team-based approach. Together, we build and develop an onsite EHS Culture by working with cross-functional teams across multiple departments, such as production, R&D, maintenance, and HR.

Flexible With YOUR Company's Needs

EHS Long Term Support includes management of all applicable environmental, health & safety programs, and is flexible to your unique company needs and cultures. Baron ensures continuous EHS compliance, and we employ our entire team to respond to your urgent needs.

dependencies on any single person

Hiring EHS staff is cyclical. Likewise, external consultants with dedicated Account Managers creates reliances on a single person. Our team-based EHS Long Term Support subscription resolves your never-ending EHS demands. A solution that is sustainable. No hassles. No worries. No surprises.

Unlike the traditional approach of hiring an in-house EHS Manager and technicians, our EHS Long Term Support leverages existing EHS staff, if any, plus key employees in production, R&D, maintenance, HR, and other departments. No more relying on any single person at your site or even any single person at Baron.

We create an EHS Compliance Roadmap, employ Trello Boards for transparent activity tracking, and maintain a dashboard of key performance indicators. These tools and our collaborative approach allow us to:

  • Prioritize EHS activities

  • Comprehensively and quickly address any EHS matter

  • Effectively measure progress

Tailored pricing to meet your business needs

We tailor the EHS Long Term Support costs using our EHS Resource Scorecard. This gauges the level of complexity and compliance at your site to determine the monthly fee. For instance:


  • A manufacturing operation that scored reasonably high on the EHS Resource Scorecard and is applicable to approximately 10% of EHS programs will likely fall within the very small manufacturing category with a cost of $3,800 per month.

  • A manufacturing operation with an average Resource Scorecard score that is applicable to approximately 35% of EHS programs will likely fall within the medium manufacturing category with a cost of $11,400 per month.

  • A manufacturing operation with a lower Resource Scorecard score that is applicable to approximately 75% of EHS programs (see the full listing on our Services page) will likely fall within the large manufacturing category with a cost of $22,800 per month.


We also have pre-determined, incremental categories for clients that fall between these points. 

Regularly scheduled EHS assessments

Regulations and guidance documents change frequently.  At Baron, we regularly attend DEP conferences, EPA webinars, and the like to keep informed of the latest regulatory changes, agency guidance & news, and enforcement trends. This education is an integral part of our Long Term Support subscription. Through regularly scheduled EHS assessments, significant risks are eliminated that otherwise would surface from frequently changing regulations or agency guidance. 

"Baron's EHS assessments are like having a quarterly focused audit, but with a friendly face on the other side of the table. The Baron staff was able to dissect all my compliance programs and neatly summarize the requirements into a simple “Who, What, Where, and How Often” format that helped me to know exactly what I need to stay in compliance and to keep all of the requirements organized. It is money well spent and I highly recommend it to anyone that wears multiple hats.”

- Rich Settino, Facility Manager, International Flavors & Fragrances

Program Inclusions

With your monthly fee, your business will receive

  • A team of experienced Senior EHS Professionals

  • Clearly defined deliverables

  • Required regulatory submissions

  • Management of applicable permit requirements

  • Site-specific EHS trainings

  • A combination of onsite and offsite project work

  • Regularly scheduled EHS assessments

  • Support running day-to-day EHS programs

  • Any other EHS need

Long Term Support at work

In early 2023, the CEO of a large oil terminal site in northeast NJ contacted us as a result of regulatory deficiencies uncovered during an agency inspection. From the noncompliance audit findings and a root cause analysis, the CEO determined that EHS staff did not fully comprehend the regulatory requirements and were not appropriately completing their job. The CEO took actions that aligned with a long-term plan:

  • Made personnel changes

  • Reached out to Baron Environmental for solutions

  • Embraced Baron’s EHS Long Term Support product

  • Committed to EHS in an innovative, new way to empower a strong site-wide EHS culture.


At this once-troubled facility, EHS is now thoroughly managed as part of Baron’s EHS Long Term Support. Personnel within cross-departmental areas of the site are now coached and participate in EHS as part of the culture change, without the need to hire additional onsite EHS personnel.



One of the reasons I joined Baron is due to the expertise of everyone in the company and the Team-Based approach for all of our projects that we use for our clients.


Compared to my previous company -- which was more of "a learn on your own" or "figure things out" -- at Baron, you hit the ground running as soon as you start. This is thanks to our Team-Based approach...


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Alexander Valdez

EHS Project Manager

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