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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reach the Baron Environmental team for a high priority item?

Baron Environmental does not assign account managers. We utilize the entire team of EHS experts to provide support.


To reach Baron and ensure your message is distributed to team members for immediate assistance:
Send an email to, providing a brief background on your issue and indicate you need a response ASAP.

How is a Scope of Work developed if specific EHS needs are not clearly known?

Our team members are proficient in brainstorming scenarios and finding solutions. Here's an example:
Imagine you have concerns about your hazardous waste program, but you're unsure of the exact deficiencies and where to begin. For this scenario, we may offer two potential solutions:

Option 1: Create a Hazardous Waste Management & Contingency Plan: This comprehensive plan ensures compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements associated with the proper management of hazardous and other regulated wastes. It addresses waste handling, storage, transportation, disposal, and emergency response. 

Option 2: Conduct an initial EHS Audit followed by corrective actions: An EHS Audit examines not only the waste management program but also other potential EHS deficiencies that may warrant high priority resolution. By conducting a comprehensive audit, we can identify and prioritize areas of improvement based on the risk of agency penalties, potential injuries, or other critical factors.

At no initial cost, we will work with you to gain clarity of the circumstances, and then develop a Scope of Work and the fixed fees for our professional services that correlate to clearly defined deliverables. Efficient EHS compliance is our specialty. We will always provide our recommended course of action if more than one option exists.  

Does Baron have any Licensed Professional Engineers (PE)?

Yes, Baron's staff has P.E. licenses in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. We also provide EHS consulting work in many other states since a certifying P.E. is only required for specialized projects such as SPCC planning. 

I see that Baron is based in the NJ/NY metropolitan area. Do you provide cost-effective support within other U.S. states?

Yes. Baron Environmental supports clients in numerous states; additionally, we can provide a certifying P.E. in many U.S. states for specialized projects such as SPCC. Our team-based approach is utilized for all client arrangements. This increases efficiency, improves responsiveness to change, creates backup scenarios, and provides strength and expertise to our clients throughout the country.

How does Baron Environmental ensure confidentiality and data security during consulting engagements?

Baron's General Terms and Conditions include a non-disclosure/confidentiality clause. This protects all proprietary information, business practices, and any non-compliance findings. We also utilize secure cloud-based systems with data encryption. 

Does Baron have liability insurance?

Baron maintains policies for Commercial General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions), Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance, and Workers Compensation and Employers Liability.

What differentiates Baron Environmental from other EHS consulting firms?

Unlike any other EHS consulting firm, Baron Environmental utilizes a Scrum process framework that delivers Twice the Work in Half the Time. Everyone at Baron exhibits a passion for this framework, which brings together teamwork, agility, and our company culture. Our Scrum process framework inherently transfers efficiency and scalability to our clients.

What is Scrum?

Unlike any other EHS consulting firm, Baron Environmental uses a Scrum process framework based on the tenets of Jeff Sutherland’s book, Scrum - The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time. The Scrum process framework is at the heart of our Team-Based approach and drives maximum output for our clients. Additionally, by leveraging this framework, we provide efficient project management, EHS risk reduction, optimal resource allocation, and adaptability to changing circumstances.


At Baron, We Use Scrum For Your Benefit. ® 

What is Scrum swarming?

Baron Environmental uses a Scrum process framework that encourages team members to swarm in response to high priority client needs. Swarming is the Scrum premise that complex or high priority tasks can be accomplished through team collaboration both quickly and efficiently. This framework also allows Baron to utilize its entire team of EHS experts for support. 

What else sets Baron Environmental apart?

Unlike any other consulting firm, we manage all EHS programs and build EHS Cultures under a subscription-based long term partnership.

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