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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Baron's EHS Long Term Support service better than having internal EHS staff on site?

There are several reasons why this service is the smart choice:

  1. Our team-based service eliminates reliance on any one person on site. 

  2. Baron’s service is sustainable. It provides consistent support, with a full EHS skill set, and is not impacted by employee turnover.

  3. There is a false perception that internal EHS staff is necessary for urgent needs. This misconception is based on a dated staffing model. Baron ensures continuous coverage, EHS compliance, and utilizes a team-based system to react to urgent needs.

  4. Baron’s EHS Long Term Support is less expensive than onsite staff.

How is pricing handled for EHS services?

At Baron Environmental, we differentiate ourselves by providing all projects on a fixed fee basis rather than a traditional "time and expenses" model. This approach offers significant advantages for our clients, including cost predictability and streamlined project management. We focus on delivering results and ensuring high value, not hourly labor rates.

With some brief clarifications using our EHS Resource Scorecard tool, we can easily prepare and share with you the monthly subscription fee for sites that range from small R&D operations with limited staff to large manufacturing operations running two or three shifts. 

How does the cost of EHS Long Term Support compare to hiring in-house EHS staff?

Our EHS Long Term Support program offers a range of subscription options tailored to fit different budgets and company sizes, with costs of $3,800 per month (small manufacturing sites) to $11,400 per month (medium manufacturing sites) to $22,800 per month (large manufacturing sites). These cost ranges demonstrate that subscribing to our EHS Long Term Support program result in significant cost savings compared to hiring in-house EHS staff. Eliminating the overhead costs associated with recruitment, training, benefits, insurance, and additional support expenses can lead to substantial financial benefits for any organization. 

What is excluded from EHS Long Term Support?

EHS Long Term Support includes management of all applicable environmental, health & safety programs. There are no exclusions. 

Can you provide an EHS Long Term Support cost analyses for companies of different sizes and EHS needs?

During personalized consultations, we discuss cost ranges and perform detailed cost-benefit analyses for companies of various sizes, from very small manufacturing sites to large enterprises. These analyses consider factors such as the presence of in-house EHS staff, the level of support required, and the complexity of your EHS compliance needs. 

What if we currently have no EHS staff or plan to eliminate in-house EHS staff?

Our EHS Long Term Support program is designed to address the needs of companies with no existing EHS onsite staff. By subscribing to our service, you gain access to a team of experienced EHS professionals and subject matter experts who will handle all aspects of EHS compliance efficiently and effectively. 

How can I be sure that EHS Long Term Support is the right investment for my company?

To help you make an informed decision, we offer customized cost-benefit analyses during consultations. Our transparent approach educates and empowers you with the information needed to make the best choice for your EHS compliance strategy. Contact us to explore how our cost-effective, team-based approach can resolve your never-ending EHS demands and foster a culture of safety, compliance, and excellence across your organization.

EHS regulations change regularly. How does Baron's EHS Long Term Support manage these changes?

Baron remains up-to-date on current rules and top industry standards. Our program ensures ongoing compliance through all regulatory changes.  

Can you provide references for companies using your EHS Long Term Support service for an extended period of time?

Yes. Baron has been providing EHS Long Term Support to clients for many years. We would be happy to share several references upon request.

Will the Long Term Support fee include access to the Trello boards and dashboards?

Yes. We provide access to the Trello Boards and dashboards for unlimited users. All project tracking and software costs for EHS Long Term Support is included.

Is there an EHS Long Term Support cancellation policy?

Yes. You may terminate the EHS Long Term Support arrangement upon three (3) month advanced written notice or as otherwise agreed.

What are the Top 3 EHS concerns that a COO or VP of Operations at a manufacturing site may have?

  1. Occupational Safety: First and foremost -- a top priority for manufacturing sites. Worker safety is essential, including elimination of exposure to dust, fumes or chemicals.

  2. Environmental Compliance: Operations may have hazardous substances, air emissions, or generate waste. Proper handling, permitting, storage, and disposal are essential for EHS compliance.

  3. Emergency Preparedness: Manufacturing sites should have an emergency preparedness plan with drills and training that address evacuation, fire safety, and more.

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