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Each of us at Baron Environmental solves problems by making them our own.  Your problems become "our" problems.  Our testimonials shown below speak directly to this philosophy. 


Whether it involves installation of equipment prior to obtaining a required air permit, data flaws with hazardous materials usage or an EPA TRI report, or navigating the DEP or OSHA regulatory complexities for program management, this philosophy remains the same.  By embracing the challenge at hand and taking ownership for its resolution, we do not simply meet client expectations, we exceed them.


Below are several testimonials supporting this philosophy and our dedication to each and every client.

"I have been working with Baron Environmental for over two years.  I have been in the EHS field for over 25 years, and I also have worked as an EHS consultant in my career.  I can confidently tell you that Baron is one of the best consulting firms I have worked with.  Service level is great and knowledge base covers almost anything you need to deal with in the field.  In addition, if Baron does NOT have the tools or knowledge for a specific issue or project, they will acquire it or provide a good resource reference in the industry.  Knowing professional limitations is a rare characteristic for consulting outfits..... Baron won't over-sell you or sell you something they can't deliver.  Over the past two years, they have been growing into more of the H&S area, and I have relied on their services in so many ways, I can't list them all.... Air, Water, Waste, Fire, IH, Training, Programs, Plans, Procedures, Agency Inspections.....they cover all the bases.  


Baron is also the "Right Size" consulting firm for our small Pharma company.  Most times the large boutique EHS conglomerates are overpriced and non-responsive to delivering what smaller companies need.  Smaller one or two man shops don't cover the width and breadth of the industry well. Baron is the "Just Right" fit for our needs.  Lastly, the strong working relationship is what my management values the most.  Personal attention when needed, responsive to emergencies (and we have had MANY), available to help me with almost anything with an E-Mail, phone call or text message.  I would highly recommend Baron to any company seeking EHS compliance consulting."


EHS Manager

Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

"I have nothing but good things to say about Baron Environmental.  The responsiveness, professionalism and level of competency for DPCC, SPCC, and air permitting is second to none.  I have enjoyed having a reliable source for environmental reviews to depend on."


Environmental Director

Large Chemical Manufacturer

"We did not have any type of environmental management system in place, which often led to overlooking certain environmental program requirements.  Baron Environmental provided great relief by getting our company back where we needed to be."


Owner and CEO

Plastics Manufacturing

"I've used lots of consultants - but Baron is by far my favorite, with the exception of your hockey team and alma mater!"


Environmental Facility Services Engineer

Flavor and Fragrance Manufacturer

Management at Baron Environmental Associates responded to this review:

"Thank you for your recent review.  It's nice to have our strong working relationship despite your biased, adverse opinion of the New Jersey Devils and Penn State University football!"

"During the 10 years I have known and worked with Baron Environmental Associates, I have always been impressed with Brian’s knowledge, his staff's capabilities, and their responsiveness to our needs.   We've relied on them for individual regulatory documents, complicated environmental and safety programs, and technical training sessions for our staff."


QA and Environmental Manager

Aggregates Processing Industry

"My firm contacted Brian and the team over at Baron 2 years ago during a plant renovation project when some compliance issues came up.  Initially I was concerned about the process because we were new to the procedures required in this state, but Brian and Dave were unbelievably helpful at explaining the process, recommending the necessary actions we needed to take and then executing the project.  To this day we now bring them in on a regular basis, and we value their advice and services greatly."


Director of Environmental Programs- East

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

"Baron Environmental is a reliable and dependable partner for all my EH&S needs.  They are professional and well organized and in part the reason for the success my company has achieved in the area of EH&S


Global Director, EHS 

Global Manufacturer of Animal Health, Nutrition and Performance Products

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