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Each of us at Baron Environmental solves problems by making them our own.  Your problems become "our" problems.  Our testimonials shown below speak directly to this philosophy. 

Kim M. Cornell
Sustainability & Environmental Planner
International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)

I must say that THANK YOU to the entire Baron Team is simply not enough! I could not have done my work without your guidance and support. I truly mean that! I am grateful for the opportunity to learn with and from the talented team of experts at Baron
Environmental. I am especially appreciative of your patience when answering my thousands of questions and always taking the extra time to explain things in a way that made it easier for me

to understand.


Denise Charlton
EHS Manager,
EEW American Offshore Structures

"The Baron team are extremely thorough and very knowledgeable in environmental standards and regulations.”

Brian Daboul, CSM
Corporate EHS Manager,

Kari Out LLC

"I was introduced to Baron Environmental in 2022 when I needed some assistance getting my environmental and safety program off the ground for a manufacturing company spanning three facilities in two states and have been using them for everything since. Baron has helped with environmental compliance auditing, hazardous waste management plan development, RCRA, employee training, SPCC, stormwater, air emissions permitting, EPCRA compliance and everything in between. I have had the pleasure of working with most of their team and everyone is extremely knowledgeable, understands how to break it down to someone who may not understand the technical end of things, and provides exactly what we need at a fair price and rapid time frames. I would highly recommend working with Baron if you want to ensure you are audit ready at all times and have the latest information available to you.”


Denise Charlton
EHS Manager,
EEW American Offshore Structures

"The Baron team are extremely thorough and very knowledgeable in environmental standards and regulations.”

Mary Anne Donnolly 
EHS Coordinator,
Berry Global

"I had the pleasure of having Tommy Perez on site for 5 weeks and Suzanne Custons for 1. They were both extremely knowledgeable and 100% reliable. Tommy showed up on time, every-time. As I am new to my position, Tommy was able to explain rules, regulations, requirements, etc. in a way that I could understand and comprehend. We covered our compliance topics and breakdown of reports, as well as, completing our bi-ennial lqg haz waste training. I feel more confidant in my new position thanks to all the support received. Looking forward to working with Mr. Perez again.”

Construction Site

Rich Settino
Facility Manager,
International Flavors & Fragrances

"Baron's entire team is very knowledgeable and extremely responsive. Along with their environmental permitting services, I have been using their Risk Mitigation program for over 5 years. Risk Mitigation provides significant value by allowing me to have a "second set of impartial eyes" reviewing my programs periodically. Baron provides a highly reliable, trustworthy team that delivers solutions. I highly recommend them!”

Walt Toomer
General Manager,
Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

"I have been working with Baron Environmental for over two years.  I have been in the EHS field for over 25 years, and I also have worked as an EHS consultant in my career.  I can confidently say that Baron is one of the best consulting firms.  Service level is great and knowledge base covers everything in the field.  In addition, if Baron does NOT have tools or knowledge for an issue or project, they will acquire it or provide a resource reference in the industry.  Knowing professional limitations is a rare characteristic for consulting outfits..... Baron won't over-sell you or sell you something they can't deliver.  I have relied on their services in so many ways, I can't list them all.... Air, Water, Waste, Fire, IH, Training, Plans, Procedures, Agency Inspections.....they cover all the bases.  


Baron is also the "Right Size" consulting firm for our small Pharma company.  Large boutique EHS conglomerates are overpriced and non-responsive for smaller company needs.  Smaller one or two man shops don't cover the width and breadth of the industry well. Baron is the "Just Right" fit for our needs.  The strong working relationship is what my management values most.  Personal attention when needed, responsive to emergencies (and we have had MANY), available to help me with almost anything with an e-mail, phone call or text message.  I would highly recommend Baron to any company seeking EHS compliance consulting."

Bob Mikovitch
Plant Manager, USALCO

"I have had the opportunity to work with the Baron Environmental team for over 10 years. They have provided Permit Records Auditing, Community Right to Know documentation support, TCPA applicability determination, Yearly Environmental Compliance Audits, Quarterly Risk Mitigation Reviews, Safety & Environmental Program Development, Safety & Environmental training and they have been there to support our business with new Environmental & Safety requirements as well as HS&E guidance for new product development and a lot more. You need help with your HSE? I recommend Baron Environmental.”

William Reilley 
Environmental Manager,
Troy Chemical Corp

"Baron Environmental serves as a great resource in air permitting and reporting as well DPCC/DCR program support.  Extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.  Highly recommended."

Foggy Lake
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