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Why EHS Long Term Support?

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) laws change regularly. It can be difficult for site personnel, even those responsible for EHS, to remain up-to-date on current regulations. Site personnel may not have the time to dedicate to the often complex EHS requirements. Personnel may change and an EHS professional may be needed to fill the gap. All of this comes with risk of significant fines/penalties and serious injuries to employees. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will external EHS Long Term Support reduce your EHS compliance risks?

  • How do you handle EHS programs during personnel transitions to avoid disruption in compliance?

  • How effective are your EHS programs in reducing risk? Are all EHS liabilities are being addressed on a day to day basis?

  • Have all EHS compliance requirements been adequately identified for your operations?

What is EHS Long Term Support?

EHS Long Term Support is an invaluable tool to ensure compliance. We provide EHS Technical Professionals on-site, multiple days per week, to develop and support running day-to-day EHS programs, plus complete required regulatory submissions, permits, and EHS assessments. In addition, we serve as a bridge during personnel transitions. When our clients hire new staff, we actively support the EHS culture with proven, hands-on involvement techniques. 


Unlike any other EHS consulting firm, we utilize a Scrum process framework that delivers Twice the Work in Half the Time. This team-based framework transfers efficiency and scalability to our EHS Long Term Support clients. 

We create an EHS Compliance Roadmap, utilize Trello Boards to track activity with full visibility, and maintain a dashboard of key performance indicators. The EHS Roadmap provides regulatory requirements defined by Federal, State, and Local legislation. This Roadmap is used to prioritize EHS activities. It also supports our team-based approach to comprehensively handle any subject matter related to EHS, by providing varying Technical Professionals, as needed.

How We Make it Work

Value of EHS Long Term Support

EHS Long Term Support services can produce significant savings for your organization, as a fulltime qualified EHS professional can often cost greater than $100,000 annually – not including the additional expense of benefits, taxes, workspace and training. Factor in the savings from potential penalties and the value becomes even clearer.

Baron has developed an effective, proven team-based approach for on-site EHS support that helps clients with their bottom line. This is a customizable approach that is tailored to the needs of individual facilities. Our experienced EHS professionals are multimedia experts on EPA, OSHA, and state DEP requirements. We stay current with the ever-changing regulatory landscape and industry best practices. We help our clients proactively comply with these laws to avoid costly penalties from non-compliance and injuries to employees.

To have a conversation to see if EHS Long Term Support could possibly meet your EHS needs, please contact us Here.

Why Consider Baron for EHS?

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