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EHS Long Term Support

Achieving and maintaining EHS compliance is demanding. Failure leads to fines, penalties, and injuries. Our EHS Long Term Support program is the solution used by top companies.


Even top companies face challenges with meeting all EHS requirements. The EHS Power Index highlights multiple categories:

Download this Power Index.pdf to rate your EHS effectiveness and current compliance:  Click Here

One of the demands is constantly changing EHS regulations. It can be difficult for site personnel, even those responsible for EHS, to remain up-to-date on current rules and top industry standards. Difficulties are compounded by site personnel changes. 

What is EHS Long Term Support?

EHS Long Term Support is our signature subscription-based program that not only addresses environmental, health & safety compliance, but also develops a true EHS culture throughout our client's organization. The program fosters inclusivity and collaboration, identifying and addressing EHS gaps, while ensuring ongoing compliance and clear understanding of EHS program requirements for all staff members.


Unlike the traditional approach of hiring an in-house EHS Manager and technicians, our EHS Long Term Support leverages existing EHS staff, if any, plus key employees in production, R&D, maintenance, HR, and other departments. The program focuses on active participation and involvement of these key employees. Our EHS Long Term Support is built on a premise from this quote:


"Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin


While our program is customized based on site-specific needs that change over time, most EHS Long Term Support arrangements include monthly or quarterly EHS Risk Mitigation sessions that are led by Baron Senior EHS Professionals. These collaborative sessions ensure your cross-functional, cross-departmental team is equipped with the knowledge, resources, and tools to integrate EHS practices into your daily operations. This is notably different from an "outsourced EHS" or "outsourced facilities management" product that may have limited collaboration with other departments. Conversely, Baron's EHS Long Term Support solution brings a holistic and integrated approach to EHS compliance.


The overriding concept of EHS Long Term Support is building out the EHS culture across all departments. As we work with your team, we become well-versed in understanding your unique organizational dynamics, culture, and values, eliminating any concerns associated with typical "outsourcing".

Imagine an inspector from DEP, OSHA, or EPA shows up for an unannounced inspection. As a result of our EHS Long Term Support program and the active involvement of key personnel, any member of your integrated site team will have the ability to properly handle the inspection without reliance on one or more specific employee(s) who may or may not be present. EHS is truly learned and embraced across the organization.

Our EHS Long Term Support program includes:

  • A team of seasoned Senior EHS Professionals for each engagement

  • Clearly defined deliverables

  • A combination of onsite and offsite project work

  • Regularly scheduled EHS assessments

  • Weekly assistance running day-to-day EHS programs

  • Required regulatory submissions

  • Management of applicable permit requirements

  • Site-specific EHS trainings


For cost predictability, we utilize subscription-based fixed fee monthly invoicing


This EHS Long Term Support program:

  • Supplements in-house EHS staff,

  • Eliminates the need to hire in-house EHS staff, or

  • Fills gaps during in-house EHS staff transition periods


How We Make it Work

Unlike any other EHS consulting firm, we utilize a Scrum process framework that delivers Twice the Work in Half the Time. This team-based framework transfers efficiency and scalability to our EHS Long Term Support clients. It is agile, in that our project approach and implementation will continually adapt to your evolving requirements without compromising quality or timeliness. Baron's team-based solution eliminates dependencies on any single person at our clients' locations or even any single person at Baron.

We create an EHS Compliance Roadmap, employ Trello Boards for transparent activity tracking, and maintain a dashboard of key performance indicators. These tools and our collaborative approach allow us to:

  • Prioritize EHS activities

  • Comprehensively address any EHS-related subject matter

  • Effectively measure progress

Value of EHS Long Term Support

Partnering with Baron for EHS Long Term Support offers significant advantages. The cost of hiring even one qualified EHS professional can often exceed $125,000 annually – not including additional expenses for technical support staff, benefits, recruitment, taxes, workspace, and training. In most cases, there is still a need to hire external consultants with subject matter expertise on an annual basis.


Our cost-effective, subscription-based program is a comprehensive solution that delivers substantial savings and eliminates risk of penalties for non-compliance. By proactively complying with ever-changing regulations and industry best practices, we protect your employees and your bottom line.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our EHS Long Term Support program offers a range of subscription options, with costs ranging from $22,800 per month (large manufacturing sites) to $11,400 per month (medium manufacturing sites) to $3,800 per month (very small manufacturing sites). These cost ranges demonstrate that subscribing to our program can bring significant cost savings compared to hiring and maintaining in-house EHS staff.

Tailored Pricing Based on EHS Needs

We tailor the EHS Long Term Support costs based upon EHS needs and challenges. During initial consultations we evaluate a current level of EHS effectiveness using our EHS Power Index. This Power Index utilizes a rating scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being Underpowered to 5 being Fully Powered. These results allow us to appropriately gauge the level of complexity and compliance to determine the monthly fee. For instance:

  • A manufacturing operation with a lower Power Index score that is applicable to approximately 75% of EHS programs (see the full listing on our Services page) will likely fall within the large manufacturing category with a cost of $22,800 per month.

  • manufacturing operation with an average Power Index score that is applicable to approximately 35% of EHS programs will likely fall within the medium manufacturing category with a cost of $11,400 per month.

  • A manufacturing operation that scored reasonably high on the EHS Power Index and is applicable to approximately 10% of EHS programs will likely fall within the very small manufacturing category with a cost of $3,800 per month.


We also have pre-determined, incremental categories for clients that fall between these points.  

Full Transparency

We openly share detailed cost analyses during personalized consultations, enabling you to see the tangible benefits and cost savings that come with our EHS Long Term Support program. These analyses specifically compare our program costs to alternate solutions of hiring and maintaining EHS staff. We highlight the cost savings. We believe that empowering our customers with information helps them make well-informed decisions.

Sample cost comparison of Baron's EHS Long Term Support versus hiring in-house staff for a small/medium sized manufacturing site: Click Here

Expert Team-Based Approach


With our team of experienced EHS professionals and subject matter experts, we deliver unparalleled expertise and support to handle complex EHS requirements. We utilize specialists in EHS program areas. For instance:

  • If there is a concern with a Certified PPE assessment or exposure to airborne contaminants, then we will utilize one of our Industrial Hygienists.

  • If we are preparing or modifying a spill response plan, then we will draw on one of our Professional Engineers.


This team-based approach is also utilized to enable a strong backup team of individuals with knowledge of our clients' operations.

Join the growing list of today's top companies that have chosen our EHS Long Term Support to streamline their EHS compliance, reduce risk, and achieve a significant return on investment. Set up a no obligation 30-minute call directly on our website for a personalized cost-benefit analysis based on your company's specific needs and requirements. Let our expert team be your dedicated EHS partner, promoting a culture of safety, compliance, and excellence across your organization.

Why Consider Baron for EHS?

Baron Environmental Associates is renowned for its effective, collaborative approach for on-site and offsite EHS support. Our experienced EHS professionals are multimedia experts on EPA, OSHA, and state DEP requirements. We stay current with the ever-changing regulatory landscape and industry best practices, ensuring that your organization remains compliant and safe. With Baron, you gain a reliable partner dedicated to your success.

Example of Our Work in Action

In early 2023, the CEO of a large oil terminal site in northeast NJ contacted us as a result of regulatory deficiencies uncovered during an agency inspection. From the noncompliance audit findings and a root cause analysis, the CEO determined that EHS staff did not fully comprehend the regulatory requirements and were not appropriately completing their job. The CEO took actions that aligned with a long-term plan:

  • Made personnel changes

  • Reached out to Baron Environmental for solutions

  • Embraced Baron’s EHS Long Term Support product, and 

  • Committed to EHS in an innovative, new way to empower a strong site-wide EHS culture.


At this once-troubled facility, EHS is now thoroughly managed as part of Baron’s EHS Long Term Support. Personnel within cross-departmental areas of the site are now coached and participate in EHS as part of the culture change, without the need to hire additional onsite EHS personnel.


The EHS Long Term Support fosters this ongoing build-out of culture and continues to show a return on investment beyond what was initially anticipated. As an additional bonus, the management team also has peace of mind knowing environmental, health & safety risks are mitigated and the long term EHS plan has been effectively implemented.

Take the Next Step

Discover how EHS Long Term Support can streamline your compliance efforts, minimize risk, and enhance your bottom line. 
Click here to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation for our EHS Long Term Support.

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