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Resolve your EHS demands, once and for all.

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No hassles. No worries. No surprises.

Our Why

We believe EHS compliance within any operation can be simple, efficient, and stress-free. We also believe an EHS culture is a necessity for today's most successful companies.

Our How

Unlike any other EHS consulting firm, we utilize a Scrum process framework that delivers Twice the Work in Half the Time. This framework brings together teamwork and agility.

Our What

We manage all EHS programs and build EHS Cultures under a subscription-based long term partnership.

EHS Long Term Support

EHS Long Term Support is a subscription-based program for sustainable environmental compliance and safety. It includes customized, clearly defined EHS deliverables, regularly scheduled EHS assessments, and a combination of onsite and offsite EHS project work.


The program utilizes fixed fee monthly invoicing as opposed to a traditional "time & expenses" model. Specific services are tailored based upon required regulatory submissions and applicable EHS trainings, programs, and permits.


We utilize a team of Senior EHS Professionals for each engagement. Plus we build and develop an onsite EHS Culture in working with a cross-functional team across multiple departments, such as production, R&D, maintenance, and HR.


EHS Long Term Support includes management of all applicable EHS programs. It is used by today's top companies that need:

  • To supplement in-house EHS staff,

  • To eliminate the need to hire in-house EHS staff, or

  • To fill gaps during in-house EHS staff transition periods.

Complete our EHS Power Index.pdf to rate your EHS effectiveness and current compliance. This should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

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