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Changes to Permitting Emergency Generators Coming

As of May 2014 with the issuance of the new GP-005A (replacing the older GP-005) for emergency generators, facilities with units powered by natural gas are no longer eligible for a general permit. NJDEP did not realize that there was a significant need for a General Permit for natural gas fueled generators. At the Industrial Stakeholders Group (ISG) meeting in Trenton on September 5, 2014, NJDEP indicated that there would likely be a new General Permit issued to cover most natural gas fueled generators. The new GP, likely to take effect in early 2015 would cover both U.S. EPA certified emergency generators as well as older non-certified units that were produced prior to the 2006 U.S. EPA deadline. Natural gas fired units that are not certified and were produced after the 2006 deadline are expected to require a RADIUS application after the new GP is issued. NJDEP has issued a proposed GP-05B as well as GOP-04 (for Title V facilities). NJDEP is currently using their regulatory flexibility to allow facilities that do require a RADIUS permit to pay the $410 fee typical of a GP for the RADIUS application.

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