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NJDEP Enforcement Update

The NJDEP Regional Compliance and Enforcement Offices continue to activel enforce the laws and regulations of the state. In 2014, NJDEP has issued 428 ANOCAPAs to date through 9/15/14. This puts the department on approximately the same pace for the year as 2013. The most common violations overall continue to be those for gasoline dispensing operations. The "Top 10" common violations at industrial facilities are:

1. Exceeding air permit limit

2. Hazardous waste container labeling

3. Universal waste rules

4. Violations of specific operating conditions in an air permit

5. Failing to complete or document DPCC inspections

6. NJPDES DMR violation

7. Stack testing issues

8. No air permit

9. Failure to conduct required air monitoring

10. Failing to notify NJDEP in DPCC program areas

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