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Sign Up for NJDEP Listservs

NJDEP offers a wide variety of mailing list servers to help keep users aware of important changes and updates. Signing up for the listserv that is most appealing to you is easy. If you are interested in receiving updates via an NJDEP listserv, just follow the steps below:

  • Send an email to with the word “lists” in the body of the email.

  • Majordomo will not interpret any words in the subject line of the email as commands; therefore do not enter it solely in the subject line. Also, please note that majordomo will interpret all words in the body of an email as potential commands including signatures. To avoid spurious error messages in your response email, type “end” after all commands, in this case that would be the line after “lists”.

  • The command “lists” will prompt a response from majordomo, usually within a few seconds, that provides the name of every listserv available from the state of NJ.

  • Once you find a list you are interested in, send a reply email to the same address with the command “subscribe exampleserv” (where exampleserv is the listserv name you have chosen).

  • Some listservs may request confirmation with a follow-up email, otherwise you should receive a response email confirming your subscription.

If you are interested in what other commands are accepted by majordomo, type “help” into the body of an email. This will prompt an email listing all of the various commands and brief descriptions on what they do. Note commands must be entered on separate lines for them to be correctly interpreted.


Subscribe exampleserv



This list of commands will subscribe you to “exampleserv”, provide you with a list of commands, and ensure that your signature is not incorrectly interpreted as a command.

If you don’t wish to search through an entire listing of NJ listservs, here are a few DEP specific ones that you may be interested in:








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