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Household Hazardous Waste

When you heard the words “Hazardous Waste” most people think of manufacturing companies. However, many common household products contain corrosive, toxic, ignitable, or reactive ingredients and are considered Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). Products such as paints, cleaners, oils, batteries, and pesticides that contain potentially hazardous ingredients require special care when you dispose of them.

Improper disposal of HHW can include pouring these products down the drain, on the ground, into storm sewers or even just putting them out with the trash.

The USEPA’s website discusses options for reduction, reusing, recycling and disposing of HHW including light bulbs, used oil, and antifreeze. (

Many counties throughout the country offer Household Hazardous Waste collection days that allow individuals to drop off these materials to be disposed of safely for little or no cost. In New Jersey, information about these collection events can be found at:

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