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NJDEP Fall Industrial Stakeholders Group (ISG) Meeting

The Air Quality Permitting department held its quarterly Industrial Stakeholders Group meeting on Friday, September 11th. In its efforts to remain up-to-date on the most recent NJDEP developments, Baron Environmental Associates was present at this meeting. Below are a few of the main points discussed:

- The meeting began with the news that the DEP structure and management hierarchy has undergone a transformation. In addition to the following updated organizational charts, it was announced that the DEP will be updating its website. Some of the changes to the website can already be found on the Air Quality Planning and Permitting pages which are now under the title: Bureau of Stationary Sources. For more information on who has moved where and what the new names of departments are, please click here.

- It was also announced during the meeting that work regarding the “mini workgroup” is progressing well. For a full review of the work group discussions, including the Environmental Stakeholders Group (ESG) click here.

- Work continues to be done on converting old General Permits to the new "GP-a" format. The next permits to be remodeled to the new format will be GP-017 and GP-018 (Boilers and/or Heaters), which should be available early in 2016.

- A diesel risk screening worksheet has been made available for non-road engines.

- Finally, the meeting discussed the DEP Emission Statement review and the associated Questions of Reasonableness (QoR) letters. Progress is being made on review of this year’s Emission Statements and all work will be completed by this December. Additionally, because over 80% of Emission Statements were submitted via the DEP portal this year, there have been discussions of making online submittal mandatory.

For information regarding the upcoming Quarter 4 ISG meeting, visit in the coming months.

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