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Tank Testing for Aboveground Storage Tanks

Tank testing for steel tanks can be performed to different industry standards, such as API and STI. While each has its own requirements, both are recognized industry-wide as being accurate measurements of a tank’s integrity. Depending upon the size of the tank, each standard has varying types of tests that are performed. Some of these can be performed by a facility official familiar with the tank history, while others require an outside inspector certified under the standard.

Facilities with either a DPCC or SPCC Plan are familiar with the tank testing requirements. These plans outline when the testing should be completed.

According to SPCC rules, all tanks listed in the plan are required to be integrity tested in accordance with industry standards. This leaves the facility with the option of which standard (and which corresponding requirements) to choose. For the majority of our clients, we recommend using STI SP001. The requirements are less stringent and tanks under 5,000 gallons in capacity do not require a certified inspection (only periodic inspections by facility personnel). Additionally inspection intervals can be as far apart as 20 years. API 653 on the other hand requires an external inspection at a minimum every five years as well as internal inspections. These inspection intervals vary based upon the circumstances of the tanks, but they always require a certified inspector.

DPCC rules are very similar to SPCC except that tank testing is required on all tanks greater than 2,000 gallons. Once again, we typically recommend using STI SP001 to our DPCC clients, as their tanks under the 5,000-gallon threshold still won’t require certified inspections.

Baron Environmental Associates currently employs a tank inspection team certified in both STI SP001 and API 653. For more information regarding the requirements for your tanks, please contact Tommy Perez.

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