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NJDEP Revises General Permits (GPs) & General Operating Permits (GOPs) for Small Boilers and Hea

New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) is announcing changes to its general permits (GPs) and general operating permits (GOPs) this year. GPs apply to minor source facilities while GOPs apply to major source facilities. The changes are described in detail below.

NJDEP also made available a graphic presentation describing the changes taking place in 2017. Please find that file in the link shown:

Change from GP-018/GOP-008 to GP-018A/GOP-008A: These two permits affect facilities with boilers and heaters rated at least equal to 5 and less than 10 MMBtu/hr. The new names for these permits will be GP-017A/GOP-008A. The changes scheduled for this permit will update the permit to include federal requirements for MACT JJJJJJ (pronounced mact-six-jay) for boiler and heater tune-ups. This change will also simplify the permitting process by imposing self-chosen limits at the time of permit application based on the specifications entered on DEP’s online application at the time of permit application. Previously the permittee had to select from one of several specified options for the limits on the use of their equipment. Both GP-018A & GOP-008A’s availability dates have not yet been announced, but DEP plans to make them available online in mid-2017. NJDEP has been known to heed specific requests about these permits, so affected parties are encouraged to leave comments.

Facilities that currently have GP-018/GOP-008 will not have to make immediate changes to their facility’s permits. There are two ways a change to the new permit will be required. First, if the facility installs additional equipment applicable under the new permit after the effective date of the new permit, a new permit will have to be obtained. Second, when the facility has to renew a permit that is scheduled to expire after the effective date of the new permit, the facility will have to apply for the new applicable general permit instead of continuing with the old version.

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