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EPA Regulatory Reform - to Alleviate Unnecessary Regulatory Burdens

The EPA is currently evaluating existing regulatory requirements in accordance with President Trump’s Executive Order 13777, which is intended to enforce regulatory reform by reducing unnecessary regulatory burdens on the American people. This Executive Order requires each agency to create a Regulatory Reform Task Force with the purpose of reviewing existing regulations for, at a minimum, those regulations that eliminate jobs or prevent job creation, are unnecessary or dated and have costs that exceed their benefits. After their evaluation, each Regulatory Reform Task Force must provide recommendations to the agency head regarding modifications, repeal or replacements of the regulation.

On April 11, 2017, the EPA revealed they are soliciting public comments to identify regulations that contain any of the qualities mentioned above. The EPA is accepting comments at Docket ID EPA-HQ-OA-2017-0190 ( until May 15, 2017.

While the EPA and other agency’s evaluation of regulations and their subsequent modifications will be an improvement that will alleviate regulatory burdens for numerous entities, Baron Environmental Associates (Baron) has been doing this all along for our clients. When Baron is hired for a particular environmental, health & safety (EHS) project, in addition to completing the project scope, Baron employees review permits, plans, and regulations to ensure our clients do not have costly or burdensome conditions. We regularly work with our clients and state agencies to minimize unnecessary regulatory requirements.

If you have any questions on the new executive order, or for more information on how Baron can reduce burdensome EHS regulatory requirements, please contact Maria Maciejewski at or Brian Long at

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