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Uber Brought Us There, But It Was Scrum That Got Us There - Stevens Spring Career Fair

Are you hardly working or working hard? The answer from most is the latter, but I question how many people out there are simply spinning their wheels. In July of 2015, Baron Environmental Associates, L.L.C. (Baron) implemented a process framework called Scrum to increase productivity, deliver service with the highest possible value, and create constant improvements week after week. Among many items, Scrum drives transparency and incremental knowledge transfer throughout our organization. If a wheel is spinning without traction, it becomes clear almost immediately. It also enables an adaptive environment with flexibility in getting things done. Example: On February 8, 2018, we signed up as a recruiting employer at the Stevens Institute of Technology Spring Career Fair which was occurring four business days later. Through teamwork, balancing of workload, and a vision that was made transparent in our weekly Scrum review, all preparations were completed effectively and on time. This included the employer account creation for on-campus recruiting; the associated job postings; the employer advertisement within the student handout; the creation and procurement of a banner and upright employer sign; and preparation of a recruiting model that was implemented for the event. In my opinion, the work that our team completed over the course of a few business days in tandem with our ongoing varied projects could easily have taken any other team months to complete. That is Scrum. Great leaders, great athletes, and great teams are always pushing for ways to get better. Can we get better? Always. Let's get to know each other.

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