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Take Your Child to Work Day 2018

On April 26, 2018, Baron hosted its second Take Your Child to Work Day that was attended by seven of the children of our employees. The children ranged in age from 4 – 13 and fun activities were provided for all.

We began our day with a SCRUM stand up meeting for the staff and then the kids created their own SCRUM board for the day. After their board contained all of the activities on the agenda, they participated in an Emergency Drill Puzzle activity. The puzzle was followed by a Kahoot quiz in which the kids answered questions about environmental, health and safety topics and a team strategy game using giant Jenga sets.

We all enjoyed lunch provided by Uber Eats and then the children split up into two groups to create posters showing what their parents actually do at Baron. The final group activity was to learn about personal protective equipment (PPE) and try it on. The biggest hit of the PPE presentation was the opportunity try on a full face respirator and sound like Darth Vader even if for a brief amount of time. All agreed that it must be hard to have to wear PPE all day, every day.

Baron looks forward to hosting the children of its employees in the future as it was hard to figure out who had more fun – the kids or the parents.

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