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Remote EHS Support During the COVID-19 Crisis

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

The Baron Environmental teams of environmental, health & safety (EHS) professionals are actively providing the following remote EHS support to New Jersey manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms, life sciences, and others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Live video-based training sessions on regulatory EHS topics such as:

  2. PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

  3. HazCom – Hazard Communication

  4. EAP – Emergency Action Plan

  5. Hearing Conservation

  6. Blood-borne Pathogen

  7. Hazardous Waste

  8. SPCC – Spill Prevention, Countermeasure and Control

  9. Stormwater

  10. DPCC – Discharge Prevention, Countermeasure and Control

  11. Respiratory Protection, and

  12. Other EHS related topics not mentioned above.

  13. Technical Support in sustaining compliance with EHS programs (Air, Wastewater, Hazardous Waste, EPCRA, OSHA, etc).

  14. COVID-19 Emergency Action Planning and Continuity Plan development.

  15. Guidance for proactive cleaning and disinfectant measures.

  16. Technical assistance for OSHA Injury Illness Reporting Criteria, including the determination and investigation for confirmed COVID-19 cases.

With our ongoing projects throughout New Jersey, we build upon and share first-hand knowledge with our clients to reduce risk, making safety and compliance simple, efficient, and stress-free.

Feel free to schedule a 30-minute assessment and guidance session directly on our website ( Or you can send us an email using In most cases, we will get back to you the same day.

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