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Baron Environmental Celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

Baron's 20th anniversary month culminated in a big party on October 26, 2023.

Glass favor

Balloon arch

The exciting event was attended by Baron's clients, partners, and associates. A great time was had by all.

Everyone in attendance raised a glass and agreed with the ending line from the toast, "Here's to 20 more years!"

Brian Long, President and CEO of Baron Environmental

A huge thank you to all the friends of Baron Environmental. We're excited to have reached this milestone. We've enjoyed celebrating throughout the month of October.

We begin our next 20 years with an exciting new service that challenges the status quo of EHS consulting. Our subscription-based Long Term Partnership model has demonstrated a significant, positive impact on so many companies. Nobody else in the industry is providing this level of service as a team-based approach.

We are truly poised for the next phase of growth at Baron Environmental.

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