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Venison, Yuengling, and Support to the Phillipsburg Rotary Club

The fun continued into the second week of October 2023 as Baron Environmental celebrates 20 years!

To continue our philanthropic work that supports scholarship programs for students, assists the Phillipsburg Rotary Club in giving back to the community, and enables an amazing day at Harkers Hollow Golf Club, Baron Environmental sponsored the October 9, 2023 event.

The 6th Annual golf tournament was a huge success. While the team of Mikovitch, Freaney, Perez, and Long didn’t claim the $10,000 hole-in-one prize nor the lowest scorecard, a fantastic time was had by all!


  • Venison sausage links during the early few holes of the day, compliments of the Mikovitch hunting team.

  • Yuengling Lagers, compliments of the Baron-sponsored beer cart

Baron Environmental Beer Cart Sponsor

  • The luncheon featuring the gold engraved Cal Ripken, Jr. Louisville Slugger baseball bat in the auction.

Rotary Club Luncheon

  • Sunshine and teamwork

Perez, Long, Freaney, Mikovitch Golf Team

More celebrations to come!

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