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What are the Top 5 EHS concerns that a COO or VP of Operations at a manufacturing site may have?

1) Occupational Safety: First and foremost -- a top priority for manufacturing sites. Worker safety is essential.

2) Environmental Compliance: Operations may have hazardous substances, air emissions, or generate waste. Proper handling, permitting, storage, and disposal are essential for EHS compliance.

3) Industrial Hygiene: Exposure to dust, fumes, or chemicals can cause health issues. IH programs with monitoring, control of exposure levels, engineering controls, and PPE are key.

4) Emergency Preparedness: Manufacturing sites should have an emergency preparedness plan with drills and training that address evacuation, fire safety, and more.

5) Ergonomics: The nature of manufacturing work often involves repetitive tasks, lifting, and awkward postures that can impact worker health and productivity.

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