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Elevate Your Career...And, Your Level of Happiness.

As we progress into calendar year 2019, the Baron Environmental teams maintain clear focus on our mission,

"To Continually Find Better Ways of Getting Things Done".

We also currently have a strong emphasis on hiring, to grow our teams, and to implement this mission for our clients. Are you looking to find better ways at getting things done and could it make sense to join Baron? Given our flexible work environment and our collaborative team approach toward projects, it may be worthy of consideration. Many of our former colleagues and clients have joined Baron over the last few years.

To this end:

  • Baron engineers continually work to streamline or eliminate burdensome environmental, health & safety regulatory requirements for our clients. Heavy emphasis is placed on providing clear, easy-to-understand solutions, and to make our consulting partnership arrangements simple. This helps Get Things Done.

  • A positive working environment at Baron is fostered day after day. Everyone helps one another and has a vested interest to improve skills, obtain certifications, and share knowledge. This drives collaboration and ultimately helps the Baron teams Get Things Done.

  • Our employees embrace our Scrum process framework, its value, and the value that everyone brings to it. This entails a full commitment to transparency, continuous inspection, and adaptation. Even more than Getting Things Done, this enables us "to deliver twice the work in half the time".

  • To expand our capabilities and work volume, Baron is actively hiring engineers for several positions. More knowledge, additional resources, and an increase in our work force will also expand our methods of Continually Finding Better Ways of Getting Things Done.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for better ways at Getting Things Done and are interested in a rewarding and fulfilling career at Baron, please contact one of us and/or submit your information to our recruitment team using the or sites.

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