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How Does Baron Stay Informed of the Latest Changes to Air Permitting in NJ?

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Baron Environmental recently participated in the NJDEP Industrial Stakeholders Group (ISG) Meeting on June 4th, 2021. The ISG meetings are intended to inform the regulated community (Stakeholders) of upcoming changes to rulemaking and interpretation for the NJDEP Bureau of Stationary Sources. This is a group comprised of various companies that are affected by air regulations, companies that provide air permitting services, the NJDEP permitting and enforcement groups, and the regulators who write the rules.

The group meets several times per year to discuss upcoming regulations. The NJDEP utilizes the meetings to obtain feedback from stakeholders on new regulations, or for feedback from stakeholders on issues with existing regulations, or sometimes they are looking for feedback on what new or revised regulations stakeholders would like to see implemented. It is a way for the NJDEP to provide clarity on the regulatory and enforcement process and allow the stakeholders to participate in the process which results in more agreeable regulations and Baron is part of that process by participating.

So, in addition to reviewing the registries for new regulations Baron takes it one step further by participating in the process.

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