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NJDEP Releases a New General Operating Permit: GOP-009

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The NJDEP Division of Air Quality recently announced a new General Operating Permit, GOP-009 for boilers greater than or equal to 10 MMBTU/hr and less than 50 MMBTU/hr located at major facilities (facilities with Title V air permits).  The introduction of this pre-approved air permit will enable Title V facilities to obtain same day approval and reduce the expense of installing a boiler of this size.

This permit allows a major facility to operate a single boiler with a maximum rated heat input to the burning chamber of greater than or equal to 10 million BTU/hr and less than 50 million BTU/hr.  The boiler must be run on natural gas or No. 2 Fuel oil during periods of natural gas curtailment, supply emergencies, or periodic testing.

This new permit includes the introduction of smart calculations to the permit application and requires the minimum stack height to be 20 feet or greater. More specific details regarding permit applicability or associated requirements can be found here.

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