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No EHS Headaches

DEP/OSHA Inspection

General Manager: “I learned this morning we have a DEP/OSHA inspection of our manufacturing operation. With our vacant EHS position, I will need to walk the tightrope on my own. Can you guess the thought in my head?”


Option A) “Our prior EHS Manager nailed it. Permits, files, and training records are all organized. EHS is in our culture. All will be grand.”  

 - or -

 Option B) “I don’t want EHS to be any more of headache than it already is. I need a solution.”


Click and learn more about the General Manager’s solution and the benefits of EHS Long Term Support:

  • All-inclusive subscription service.

  • Comprehensive subject matter experts using a team-based approach.

  • Flexibility with unique company needs and cultures.


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