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Integrating Distributed Teams

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Baron recently participated in a webinar by Scrum Inc. on how to successfully implement Distributed Teams. This is especially important in times like these when employees are suddenly working-from-home or from remote environments. Maintaining productivity and maintaining the team "connection" becomes critical.

At Baron we have been using Scrum as our business framework for environmental, health & safety consulting along with tools such as Trello and Skype to promote constant communication and to provide full visibility into each client project. This enables us to quickly adapt our resources and strategies to continue to serve our clients as challenges and situations change. These tools allow us to continue to effectively collaborate among our team members and with our remote clients even when no-one is actually together in the same office.

A key takeaway as our remote teams progress forward is to communicate through Skype as much as needed/possible when we interact so that we still have human communication and “see” each other, staying engaged as a team(s). Actually saying Hello, when we join a video call, just as you would when entering a conference room, helps minimize feeling remote and alone and helps us stay energized in serving our clients and keeping projects moving. Virtual coffee breaks or happy hours utilizing video conferencing are becoming more common to keep teams connected. We are confident that Scrum will enable us to "Weather this Coronavirus Storm and help our clients remain in compliance".

Scrum Inc. provided a Distributed Teams Checklist that is a quick reference/reminder of the elements of Scrum with recommendations on the types of tools that can help ensure Distributed Teams remain effective and continue to provide value to the clients and company.

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The Baron Environmental team-based approach makes environmental, health & safety compliance simple, efficient, and stress-free for people within pharmaceutical manufacturing, life sciences, and other product manufacturing industries. See for yourself how we streamline burdensome regulatory requirements that many companies often face alone.

If you have a technical question, then send us an email using In most cases, we will get back to you the same day.

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